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Counseling services for addiction in Bloomington

Care for drug and alcohol addiction comes in many forms. At Time for Change?, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit, no matter how you found us or how you plan to proceed with living a better life. Contact us today to schedule an assessment with one of our highly trained addiction recovery counselors. 


Not sure if you need our help? Assessments are available by appointment, with limited time for walk-ins Monday through Friday at noon. 

If you would like to schedule an assessment or learn more about alcohol and drug treatment services, please call 952-358-1009 to get started on the journey to a better life.

 DWI Driving with Care Classes Level 1 and Driving Care Level 2 Education Classes Available 


No two people are exactly alike. That's why our our affordable addiction recovery programs and treatment options can be customized to the care you need, including:
 Intensive outpatient treatment  
 Outpatient treatment  
 Relapse prevention treatment

Chemical dependency assessment

Each treatment starts with a chemical dependency assessment. This unique process includes an interview with a counselor to review your chemical use and its impact on their daily life and relationships. 

The assessment may also include many other stages, including a review of medical, legal, mental health and treatment records; a physical screening questionnaire; an assessment of need for detox services; and interviews with other concerned individuals in your life. 

Assessments will address each individual’s unique needs and will be fully customized. Please call Time to Change? LLC at 952-358-1009 for a rule 25 assessment, a chemical health assessment, or an ASUDS-R assessment. An ASUDS-R assessment is included when a client has a DWI and is signing up for Driving with Care I, II, or II Therapy. 

Concerned man comforting another in rehab center
All programs include numerous other plans for guidance, including:
  • Successful living  
  • Anger management skills  
  • Recovery maintenance  
  • Coping skills  
  • Family and other relationships  
  • Decision-making skills  
  • Confidence building beliefs  
  • Anxiety reducing beliefs  
  • Mindfulness exercises  
  • Managing emotions and feelings  
  • Communication skills
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